Police warn parents Derry bonfire collectors could end up with criminal record

The PSNI have warned parents of children collecting material for bonfires in Derry that they could end up with a criminal record for burglary or criminal damage if they break the law.

The force issued a warning ahead of the summer 'bonfire season'.

"Parents, should your son or daughter be involved in collecting for a bonfire it would be in their best interest to let them know the following.

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"If they take items from a business without the businesses permission this is theft. On some occasions it will be classed as burglary, if they do not have permission to be on the premises. Also if they damage the boundary fence gate etc this is criminal damage," police said in a statement.

Trollies stolen and returned to a business by the PSNI.

The warning was issued after a number of items were taken without permission from a local business.

"Ballyarnett Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) intercepted these stolen trollies etc. [pictured] after they had been reported as stolen by the relevant business. We will be reviewing the CCTV footage and knocking on a few door in the near future. Please have a conversation with your child to ensure it is not your door we are calling at next.

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"Remember, if you get caught up in the crowd and commit an offence this could lead to a conviction and limit future prospects," police said.