Respect the court or face 28 days in jail warns Derry judge

District Judge Barney McElholm has warned that anyone who does not treat the court with respect will be jailed for 28 days for contempt.

The warning came at Derry Magistrate's Court on Friday during a case involving Joseph McCallion with an address in the city, who appeared charged with threats to kill and possessing an offensive weapon on January 19.

In the course of an agreed bail hearing, the defendant interrupted the court to object to some of the bail terms.

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Judge McElholm told him to stop interrupting the court and issued his warning.

Judge Barney McElholm.

He said this was the third time this week people had interrupted the court by shouting, and in future he would invoke his powers under the Magistrate's Court Act and impose a 28 day sentence.

He said he wanted to make it clear to anyone who disrupted the court in future they would be jailed.

He added: 'The court must be treated with respect.'

McCallion was released on bail to appear again next month.