Deer heads discovered along border road

Two decapitated deer heads have been discovered lying along the side of a border road, in what has been described as an 'horrendous sight.'

Friday, 16th March 2018, 1:30 pm
Updated Friday, 16th March 2018, 2:40 pm
One of the deer heads found along a border road at Bridgend.

The severed remains of the deer were brought to the attention of Donegal County Councillor, John Ryan, who described the situation as a “step too far.”

Colr. Ryan, who lives nearby, said the heads were found lying in a hedge by a dog walker last Saturday, on a back road that leads from Bridgend to the border at Coshquin.

The road is situated to the right, along the Bridgend to Muff Road, past the recently fire-damaged “19th Bar.

It passes a housing estate and leads on to a junction that will take a traveller to Birdstown/Muff, if turning left and to Coshquin - opposite the Cosh Bar - if turning right.

Mystery and deep concern surrounds how the two deer heads came to be lying along the hedge on the side of the road, but Councillor Ryan said “someone must know something.”

He said he is concerned it could be in connection to illegal activity and told how children had been deeply upset by the sight.

Colr. Ryan added how there are “constant issues” with flytipping along the road itself and this must be dealt with.

He told councillors at the Inishowen Municipal District meeting earlier this week: “We really need to focus on people who are littering our areas. Despite all the good work that is being done we still have issues with flytipping, with one of the worst areas affected being that border road up past the 19th Bar.

He said: “Many people walk their dogs in that area and there are constant issues with dumping.

“But I think this has to be the worst I’ve seen. Two deer heads were chopped off the animals and just left there. This is an area where children walk and to come across this was just horrendous. Somebody, somewhere must know something about this.”

Councillor Ryan said the flytipping issue was no reflection on the work of Donegal County Council, who are “doing a really good job” in relation to litter enforcement.

He asked: “But, how can we police everything?

“What is happening is bad, but this is just a step too far. I think we need to bring it to the attention of the Gardai.”

Colr. Ryan showed his colleagues photos he had taken of the deer heads, to which they reacted with shock.

Brian McBrearty of Donegal County Council’s Water and Environment section said the situation was “very, very serious.”

He confirmed he would be reporting the matter to the National Parks and Wildlife Service, as well as the Gardai.