From '˜Derry Journal'of November 18, 1966

Magee Students Will 'Crawl' Today

Saturday, 19th November 2016, 8:00 pm

As part of the build-up for the college’s Rag Week, which starts on Monday next, a group of Magee University College students will crawl on their hands and knees from the Strand Road to Altnagelvin Hospital today.

The crawl will start at 9.30am. Another group of students will take part in a hitch-hiking race from Derry to Folkestone, where they will present a copy of the Rag magazine to the Mayor of Folkestone.

The “Rag Week Queen,” nineteen-years-old Miss Maureen McGettigan, who is also the current “Miss Tyrone” will attend a series of dances at various centres throughout the Six Counties during Rag Week.

Monarch Electric Protest March

Plans are going ahead for a massive protest march by Monarch Electric workers through the city tomorrow morning.

The organisers of the march have appealed for support for the demonstration from past and present workers in the factories. They are also asking local shirt factory employees who are on short-time working to take part. The marchers will assemble outside the main gate of Bligh’s Lane factory at 11am.

The Derry City branch of the Young Republican Association yesterday expressed supprot for the protest march and called on “all fellow citizens to come out in strength to lend support not merely to those made redundant but to the many thousands already unemployed in the city.”

Waterloo Street Lighting Complaint

Following receipt of a petition from the residents of Waterloo Street protesting against inadequate street lighting there, Derry Corporation is to switch the method if lighting in the street to mercury vapour.

This is a temporary measure pending a new street lighting scheme for Waterloo Street and the reconstructed portion of Fahan Street, which will be completed in a year or eighteen months.