Derry Walls vandalised

A section of the Derry Walls has been targeted by vandals.

Thursday, 26th May 2016, 5:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th May 2016, 6:03 pm
A section of the Derry walls was targeted by vandals on Wednesday.

The ‘Journal’ understands the vandalism took place on Wednesday at around 6.00 p.m.

English tourist, William Taylor, from Ilford, said he was “baffled” by the incident.

“I’ve only been in Derry two days and this was my first time visiting the historic Walls.

“I am baffled why anyone would do such a thing. Surely the Walls are one of the city’s greatest and most beautiful features. I can’t understand why something that attracts so many tourists to the city would be targeted in such a way,” he said.

Sinn Fein Councillor, Colly Kelly, condemned those responsible for the graffiti.

“Local people angered at this act of vandalism contacted me to put out an appeal for this nonsense to stop.

“A group of young people were spotted drinking at the top of the Fahan Street steps - three or four of them used spray cans on a section of the Derry Walls .

“This particular section had just recently been cleaned up. The Walls are internationally known and people flock from all corners of the world to see them.

“It does not enhance the reputation of Derry as a tourist destination with people attacking a tourist asset,” added Colr. Kelly.

Friends of the Derry Walls Project Co-ordinator, Mark Lusby, explained the damage vandalism can cause.

“Every time the Department for Communities has to engage contractors to apply chemical and mechanical treatments to remove graffiti, the integrity of the grey-green schist stones and the lime mortar, which make up the Derry Walls, is undermined, with the stones progressively flaking and the mortar becoming friable,” said Mr. Lusby.

“We have been helping the council with the content for the Walled City Signage Scheme.

“In the longer term this will create opportunities for small businesses to start up within neighbourhoods outside the Walls, meeting the needs of these visitors.

“Graffiti attacks on the Walls and the impact of the repeated removal both delay the achievement of these important job creation outcomes,” he added.