Disappointment at brokenstreet lamps response

SDLP Mark H Durkan MLA, has deemed a response from DfI regarding the urgent maintenance of vandalised street lighting in the Central Drive area of Creggan, as ‘disappointing’.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 2:54 pm
Foyle MLA Mark H Durkan has expressed concerns over the vandalised lampposts in Creggan.

Following safety concerns raised with DfI, Mr Durkan has been advised that these columns will not be replaced until ‘resources become available.’

The MLA for Foyle said this was “hugely disappointing to say the least”.

“Firstly, the vandalism of two lampposts outside Creggan shops must not and cannot be tolerated. The remaining stumps with exposing wires posed potential safety risks to residents, particularly children who frequent this area.

“And whilst I have received assurances that these columns have now been sealed and marked with hazard tape, I find this solution highly unsatisfactory. The vagueness in response alluding to lack of resources is simply not good enough.”

Mr Durkan added: “The vandals involved in this senseless destruction need to get a grip. This inconsiderate stupidity only serves to disadvantage those within their community.”

He concluded: “Considering these essential streetlights are directly outside local retail facilities and the area is therefore heavily utilised, DfI needs to find the resources to ensure they are fixed as soon as possible.”