'˜The dogs in the street know who did this' - claims Mark's brother

The brother of murdered Derry man Mark Robinson has claimed event he dogs in the street were aware of who was behind the brutal attack which led to his death.

Friday, 6th May 2016, 1:00 pm

Warren Robinson said they believe the investigation into his death may not have been pursued as vigorously as other cases since, due to political sensitivities of the time.

“As a family we suspect there was a nod and a wink and ‘we will carry on with the Peace Process’,” Mr. Robinson alleged.

He claimed: “I wouldn’t even be appealing for information because everybody has the information. There is no more public information to be appealed for. Everybody knows, the dogs in the street know who did this.

“I would like to see the Provo leadership for an acknowledgement of what happened; an acknowledgement that it was wrong and an apology to my family at the very, very least. It’s about time now, it’s 15 years on. They need to acknowledge what they done and that it was wrong. They have never even done that. I don’t think there has been one other victim of the Provisional IRA that they haven’t even acknowledged.”

Mr Robinson added: “Mark would be coming up to 38 in June. I want to get him a wee bit of truth, a wee bit of justice.”