'˜Dylanfest' to return to Moville in August

This year marks the 10th year of Movile's Dylanfest, which will take place from August 25th to 28th.

Organiser Gerry McLaughlin, who came up with the idea for a festival of Bob Dylan music in Moville in 2007, told the ‘Journal’ how, this year, one of the top acts at America’s top DylanFest in California, Bill Gallagher, is coming over to play.

He said: “He will join Europe’s top acts like Al Diesan from Sicily. Bobby Does Dylan, from Scotland, who Bob Dylan himself demanded to see after seeing his video on YouTube, and American guitar virtuoso Michael Thomas who now lives in Portstewart.”

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Gerry first got the idea for the Dylanfest after noticing how a lot of Dylan music was played in the town by local bands and in the pubs and restaurants.

While “a lot of people” told him no-one would go to such a festival, it got an unexpected boost when Gerry was interviewed on the Dave Fanning Show on RTE.

There have been DylanFests all over Europe in places like Milan, Berlin, Eindhoven and Manchester. However, it seems that the one in Moville is the biggest in Europe according to the musicians who have played in THEM

Last year all accommodation within a radius of 15 miles of Moville was booked out during the DylanFest. Gerry encouraged anyone who is thinking of attending this year’s Dylanfest to book their accommodation early.

Before that takes place. Moville’s BeatlesFest will take place this coming weekend.

Further information can be found on CraicOn.com.