School litter issue addressed

Bligh's Lane
Bligh's Lane

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell said teaching staff from St John’s Primary School complained over litter gathering on school grounds due to the absence of bins in the vicinty.

The staff raised their concerns that rubbish was blowing onto school grounds with Colr. Campbell as he was undertaking a Triax environmental project with pupils.

Colr. Campbell said: “I contacted the head of Environmental Services in the Council and arranged an on-site meeting. We discovered there were no litter bins either outside St. John’s Primary School or St. Cecilia’s College. A lot of the school children would use the shopping centre across the street to buy lunch and on returning to school there was nowhere to discard their lunch packaging.

“It has now been agreed by council that two new litter bins would be placed one at each school to see if it can ease the litter problem in the area.”