End of an era as Waterside Voices closes

Landmark local publication Waterside Voices has announced 'with deep regret' that it is closing.

Wednesday, 26th April 2017, 9:50 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:20 pm
Historian Ken McCormack is among the contributors to the final edition of Waterside Voices.

The current Spring 2017 will bring to an end a 23-year run for the magazine.

The Spring edition contains content from the many magazines published down the years.

In the last issue, Editor Ernie Falconer and historian Ken McCormack tell of their own regrets concerning the closure. The edition also contains articles form John Manning tracking ‘The History of Water’, while Tony Diver takes readers back to Campsie of the 1930s in ‘Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines’.

One of Waterside Voices’ longest standing and most treasured contributors Isobel Arbuckle finishes in fine style as she tells of her efforts at ‘De-cluttering’.

An old article, ‘The Mid’, recalls Jack Scoltock’s first visit to the famous Midland cinema, while Molly Hegarty speaks about working in ‘Bridie’s’, the little shop next to the Midland.

Moria Doran in ‘Duke Street of Long Ago’ recaptures her memories of what is possibly the Waterside’s most famous street.

Alfred Hutchinson’s moving tribute to the Salvation Army Band, ‘A Christmas Memory’, is carried while May Curran bring a bit of humour as she recalls her parents sending her on ‘A Search for Culture’. Ernie Falconer, in his article ‘Great’, remembers George Best.

The magazine’s editorial team have thanked and the contributors and readers.

They stated: “It would never have lasted as long without you.”

Waterside Voices can be bought in all Waterside newsagents, and in Lettershandoney, Enagh Lough, Drumahoe, Eglinton and in the cityside at Easons, Long’s Greenhaw, Galliagh and Garden City.