Four River Foyle pollution prosecutions result in fines totalling £3,500

Edwin Poots has advised Derry MLA Sinéad McLaughlin there have been four successful prosecutions relating to pollution of the River Foyle over the past five years resulting in fines totalling £3,500.

The River Foyle.
The River Foyle.

The Foyle MLA asked the Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs how many people and organisations had been prosecuted for pollution in the River Foyle.

Mr. Poots provided details for incidents in the River Foyle from Strabane to Culmore Point.

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"In that region, two prosecution cases related to water pollution were brought by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and were concluded in 2016. One related to a company prosecuted for a pollution detected in 2015 which was fined £1,000. One case related to a company causing pollution in 2016 and was fined £2,000.

"The Loughs Agency is a cross border body and also has a remit in relation to water pollution. It can take action resulting in prosecution independently from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

"Loughs Agency have confirmed that there have been two prosecutions relating to water pollution in the River Foyle which were concluded during the time period requested. Both cases were heard in 2017, with one individual fined £500 and one company convicted but not fined," he stated.