Going Green: Changing to electric has never been easier

Sabrina Lee. Photo: BBCSabrina Lee. Photo: BBC
Sabrina Lee. Photo: BBC
I want to buy an electric vehicle (EV) but the whole market seems overwhelming, where do I start? Excellent question, and the good news is that buying an EV is now very easy.

There’s plenty to consider when you’re buying one but the second-hand market is incredibly buoyant and continues to grow at pace so there are great options out there.

Used electric car sales almost doubled in 2023 rising 90 percent to 118,973. Supply is strong so there’s never been a better time to bag a bargain. Some models are available for less than £500.

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The supply has increased by 174 percent year on year so whether it’s a Tesla or a Renault Zoe you’re in the market for, it’s worth shopping around to see what suits you.

Electric vehicle. Photo: AdobeElectric vehicle. Photo: Adobe
Electric vehicle. Photo: Adobe

The AA, like many well known car websites, has a search mechanism on its second-hand car sales website where you can search by electric vehicle and distance from you live so there’s never been a better time to go and have a look and a test drive and see what you like.

Zapmap who have details of EV charging ports across the country also have a cost calculator where you can see how much you could save over the course of a month or year on your regular journeys; so you can see real time savings before you commit.

There are other issues to consider when you’re buying an EV too as it may be that a straightforward purchase isn’t the most viable if you don’t have the money to hand. Subscription clubs and leasing are a way to drive electric without buying the car outright. Hire purchase agreements are common within the motor industry. If you live in a city and don’t need a car often or don’t have a parking space then car clubs like Zipcar are great for city dwellers.

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What car have done a thorough review of the best used EVs available on the market too.

Whenever I suggest an electric car to people who don’t already drive them, there can be genuine concerns about their sustainability, particularly the battery.

The evidence is overwhelming that EVs are better for the environment than a petrol or diesel car but I will say my desire to spread the brilliance of EVs isn’t evangelical. I’m not saying to ditch the petrol or diesel car you are driving right now. I’m simply saying the next time you come to update your vehicle, or the next time the lease on it is up for renewal, do your EV homework as you’ll never look back. Surveys regularly show that 90 per cent of EV drivers have no intention of going back to petrol or diesel

There’s an Electric Vehicle Association which is packed with information and news on EVs. You can book test drives at your local garage to give a few different second-hand models a go.

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Like buying any new car, there’s a lot to choose from but take your time, ask around, see what EVs people are driving in your local area and don’t be afraid to ask owners when you see one.

A lot of us are more than happy to chat to you about why making the change will not only help the planet but help your wallet too.

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