Going Green: The future for the uptake of EVs looks bright

EVs are growing in popularity. AdobeEVs are growing in popularity. Adobe
EVs are growing in popularity. Adobe
We know electric vehicles or EVs are growing in popularity. At the end of last year there were around 975,000 EVs on British roads.

What’s great news is that the 2023 figures are an 18 percent increase on the 2022 figures, that’s a huge growth. But the number of EVs increasing is only half the good news; in order for the growth to be sustainable, charging points need to grow to match pace and new figures reveal the number of charging ports for EVs is increasing in line with the surging consumer demand.

There’s been a staggering 45 percent increase in the number of public chargers installed across the UK since December 2022 with a huge 112 percent increase in the ultra rapid chargers that take little time to get your vehicle fully charged and back on the road.

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At the end of last year, there were 53,906 charging devices across the UK at over 31,056 charging destinations. Add these to the 680,000 charging points in workplaces and homes across the UK and the future for the increased uptake of EVs looks incredibly bright.

While there are plenty of new charging points springing up in supermarket car parks and service stations across the UK, there are novel and new charging points that will change rural and urban landscapes too making EVs an option for those who don’t necessarily have their own charging point at home or a driveway.

Lamp post electric vehicle charging is increasing in popularity too. It repurposes existing lampposts which are on every street and side street across the country – there are over 6.5 million across the UK road network.

The big advantage is that no new cables are needed in order to make them into charging points for EVs and there aren’t any complex permissions or requirements needed. The lampposts can be turned into EV charging points in a couple of hours.

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One of the biggest issues I hear people cite when not opting for EVs is that charging might be problematic or that they don’t have a driveway for their own home to have a charger but the increasing numbers of charging points coupled with the adaption ideas mean accessible charging will be available to everyone so the continued growth of the EV market can continue.

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