On the Foyle Hospice Walk in memory of our dad Hugh McIvor

Hugh McIvor was cared for by the Foyle Hospice Team and his daughter Kerry and her family have also received support from the Hospice’s Healing Hearts Children and Young Person Bereavement Support Service. Hugh was a great supporter of the Foyle Hospice and Kerry has carried on his legacy by becoming a Foyle Hospice Weekly Draw Promotor. This in itself is an great way to support Foyle Hospice as it allows a steady stream of income to support the hospice’s vital services. Kerry tells her story below:

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 9th June 2022, 5:05 pm

On September 2, 2019, our whole world was turned upside down, when my daddy Hugh McIvor was diagnosed with bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma). He was only 69.

My daddy was an absolute gentleman who lived for his family, If we were all ok, he was happy. His four grandchildren totally adored him, he was the Granda who built sandpits, taught them all about his garden and pulled them on his sleigh in the snow.

His diagnosis was even more heart-breaking, as he was told straight away that his cancer was inoperable and terminal. He had two options, have no treatment, where he would have on average four months, or have treatment and hopefully double his survival time. He chose to start treatment. Even then he was more worried about others, especially my mum and my sister Patricia who had additional needs.

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Left: Hugh McIvor pictured previously with his grandchildren, and right: Kerry Robinson (Hugh's daughter) with her Mother and children who are helping the Foyle Hospice in his memory.

The Foyle Hospice nurses became involved with my Daddy straight after his diagnosis, through their Community Palliative Care Team. The nurses were amazing, nothing was any problem for them, they sorted anything that was needed. They were a huge support to us as a family too. I remember phoning one of his nurses a couple of weeks before my Daddy passed away. His nurse was totally honest but supportive about what would happen within the next few weeks. With the support from the Foyle Hospice, my Daddy passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by his family.

Foyle Hospice’s Healing Hearts service is something that I did not know about but I will be eternally grateful for. My daughters were 9 and 12 when their Granda passed away. The eldest girl has Down Syndrome and I worried about how to explain what was happening to both of my girls. It was my dad’s nurse who asked him while he was ill, if any of his grandchildren who could maybe benefit from the service. He said that he would worry about my nine-year-old daughter, who was very close to her Granda. I was then contacted by Michelle Kosky from the Healing Hearts service. Words will never be able to express how grateful I am for the support that Michelle has given to our family.

Ten months after my Daddy passed away, we also lost my beloved sister Patricia. Michelle worked with my daughter and helped support her through a very scary time.

This will be the first time that I have taken part in the Foyle Hospice Ladies Walk - this year it is being held the day after my dad’s second anniversary. Daddy was always a supporter of the Foyle Hospice draw, he actually won £1,000 a few months after he was diagnosed. Because of this, I am now a promoter for the weekly draw.

The late Hugh McIvor.

I will be taking part in the walk, together with my mum, sister and my two girls. As a family we owe the Foyle Hospice so much, we will forever be thankful for their support and care.”

This year Foyle Hospice needs the support of local women to make the Walk bigger than ever as fundraising events have suffered massively over the last two years. There are many reasons people take part in Female Walk/Run; to support their local hospice and raise vital funds but also many ladies walk in honour of our staff or in memory of a loved one. Every patient cared for is an honour, and Foyle Hospice owes that privilege to our supporters for fundraising and getting on their feet to help their community.


The annual Female Walk tradition will continue this year with a bright, fun t-shirt that will put the fun back in fundraising.

Sheila Duffy, Director of Income Generation and Communications said: “The countdown is now on for Female Walk as it takes place this Sunday June 12 at 11.30am starting at the Catalyst Building in the Bay Road. Registrations are still open and ladies can register in our Fundraising Office or online. The office will be open on Saturday June 11 from 10am – 3pm for ladies to collect their Female Walk t-shirts or to register. We are so excited for this event and we want the Female Walk this year to reunite women and bring them back together, to make difference to their local hospice. We are asking our ladies to come out in force this year and we ask that everyone who is able to sign up to join us by walking or running in our iconic Female Walk. All proceeds from the Female Walk stay local and every registration makes a difference to someone in our community.”

You can sign up for the female walk in our Fundraising Office or online here: register.enthuse.com/ps/event/Femalewalkrun22

Once you sign up, you can collect your pack at the Fundraising Office, at Foyle Hospice.

Your pack will have your t-shirt, a sponsorship form and also details on how to create your own online sponsorship form on JustGiving or Facebook.