Pigeons causing health hazard on Craigavon Bridge, says MLA Martina Anderson

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Martina Anderson has asked the Department for Infrastructure and Derry & Strabane Council to look at the issue of pigeon droppings on the under deck of Craigavon Bridge which, she claims, is causing a health hazard to pedestrians and cyclists.

She said she has been contacted by several constituents anxious about the amount of droppings being deposited by pigeons roosting under the bridge.

The bird droppings become extremely slick underfoot and Ms. Anderson said she was concerned someone will have an accident. “In past few weeks I have been contacted by people using the under deck of Craigavon Bridge disgusted at the amount of pigeon droppings in around the walkway and railings there.

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"There are sections of railings covered in this stuff. It’s clearly a health hazard, so it’s vital that it’s cleaned as soon as possible. I understand that this has been a particular problem for this area and efforts have been made in the past to try resolve the issue,” she said.

Pigeon droppings on the iron fencing of the Craigavon Bridge.

A number of years ago spikes and chicken wire were installed at the historic bridge in an effort to discourage pigeons from congregating. But this has not proven successful in the long term.

Ms. Anderson said: “I have asked the Council if they can do a clean-up of the area, particularly as hundreds of people use this walkway daily. I have also put in a question to the Department for Infrastructure as ultimately it’s responsible.”

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She has asked the Department if it will consider facilitating the cleaning and whether it will look at ecologically friendly solutions to prevent birds roosting on the bridge. She said this is necessary due to what she described as the “poor state of cleanliness” of the bridge “and the issue of bird droppings posing a serious public health risk”.

MLA Martina Anderson says the bird droppings are a health hazard.
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The pigeon droppings become slick underfoot in rainy weather.