'˜Everything is being cut but the grass' says Mark H. Durkan

SDLP MLA for Foyle, Mark H. Durkan, has called on the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) to urgently cut grass on the central reservation area of the Maydown dual carriageway.

Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 7:42 am
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 9:47 am
SDLP MLA Mark Durkan.

Mr. Durkan described the current length of the grass in the central reservation as “hazardous”.

“The height of the grass on the central reservation area of the Maydown dual carriageway is hazardous particularly for drivers at the already dangerous Strathfoyle turn off - it’s got to the stage where everything is being cut but the grass,” said Mr. Durkan.

Mr. Durkan said the grass was causing major problem for motorists.

“This junction is difficult to negotiate at the best of times but now poses a serious dangerous for motorists driving to and from the village.

“In the interests of road safety, it is vital that resources are retained to trim grass especially in areas such as this where there are high volumes of traffic.”

Mr. Durkan added: “I have called on Transport NI to immediately address this issue and in addition have underlined the need for a temporary traffic management system to be put in place when doing so.”

Residents in the area have been campaigning for the grass in the central reservation to be cut for years.

Miriam Sharkey lives near Maydown and said unless the problem was dealt with it was only a matter of time before an accident occurred.

“It’s sometimes impossible to see what traffic is coming before you can edge out onto the road,” said Miriam.

“I’ve been living in this area for a lifetime and I never remember it ever being this bad.

“There’s a tendency to forget us people out here because we are not in the city but we pay our rates like everyone else, therefore we expect to be treated like everyone else,” she added.

Shaun McAteer is a young father of two children and said if he could he would carry out the grass cutting work himself.

“Look, it’s this simple, we are not asking for thousands of pounds, all we want is for someone to keep the grass at a sufficient level in the interests of safety.

“I live near the Temple Road and it’s treacherous sometimes. If I had the equipment I would nearly do it myself but I don’t.

“Miriam is right when she says that people tend to forget about us out here but this is gone beyond ridiculous - it needs sorting now.

“I really appreciate what Mark H Durkan is doing - I just hope his words do not fall on deaf ears,” he said.