'˜Fake propaganda' won't deterfrom revolutionary socialism

Claims the INLA were behind a spate of shootings in Derry over the past year have been rejected by the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) during its Easter 2018 wreath-laying ceremony in the city.

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 10:38 pm

Last November, Sinn Féin claimed members of the group had been involved in “criminality and the extortion of local businesses” in Derry and Belfast. This was rejected by the IRSP as “felon-setting” at the time, however, and has now, once again, been characterised as “fake propaganda”.

Danny Morrison, a leading Derry IRSP member, delivering the oration at the party’s Easter commemoration, said: “Recently the British in the ‘Six Counties’ have, under the influence of our political opponents, targeted our members through raids, arrests and fake propaganda.

“We have been experiencing these types of attacks since the inception of our movement. We have had internment, frame-ups, supergrass trials, shoot to kill and targeted assassinations. But we stand here today stronger for that. We will remain strong and united. We will oppose these attacks by the British State with the same vigour and revolutionary zeal that we have shown for over forty years. We will not be found wanting defending either our integrity or our members. So despite all the attacks, despite everything that this movement and our membership have endured we remain committed to our core political ethos of revolutionary socialism.”