Formerly Derry-based activist wins Labour seat

A former Derry-based socialist activist has spoken of how her experience here helped shape her career after she retained the Bromborough seat in the Wirral for the Labour Party.

Friday, 31st August 2018, 11:26 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:18 pm
Jo Bird

Colr. Bird is a founding member of Jewish Voice for Just Peace - Ireland and had previously moved from Manchester to Derry.

While living in Derry she had promoted and developed democratic businesses with Co-Operative Alternatives.

She said: “New Ferry was devastated by a huge explosion in March last year. At that time, I lived in Derry in Northern Ireland. In both places, I see communities that are doubly traumatised. Firstly by explosions and violence and secondly by the ongoing trauma of government indifference, inaction and injustice - though the causes are different.

“The Conservative Government found £7.5m for Salisbury after events there, and gives tax breaks to the richest, but public funding for local services we all rely on has been cruelly cut to the bone.”

She added: “Our new communities are built by including everyone as equals, young and old. We are rich in our diversity. My Jewish great-grandparents were refugees from racism in Eastern Europe. We who live in England now, we all have family who live or work abroad.

“So we are not fooled by attacks from the establishment on migrants; on the vulnerable people and on Labour. We are not bamboozled. We are not amused.

“We are Labour. We are for the many, not the few!”