Gorse fires in Creggan area '˜putting lives at risk' - Colr.

Sinn Fein Councillor Kevin Campbell.Sinn Fein Councillor Kevin Campbell.
Sinn Fein Councillor Kevin Campbell.
Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell said that young people lighting fires on the Glassagh Road are putting people's lives at risk.

Councillor Campbell said: “Young people are setting fire to wind bushes and dried grass on Blighs Lane and the Glassagh Road. The billowing smoke from these senseless fires are affecting visibility for drivers using the back roads in Creggan with traffic being reduced to a crawl as a result.

“This has the potential for an accident as many people use these roads to walk their dogs and children are always on these roads.

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“Three times on Wednesday in the space of a couple of hours the Fire Service were called out to deal with these fires. One of the fires was on the land of Sean Dolan’s GAC.

“I am appealing directly to these people to desist from lighting fires as they are going to cause an accident on those roads and the Fire Service are already stretched enough without having to be diverted to deal with these incidents.”