'˜Grasp the chance for change'- Dallat

John DallatJohn Dallat
John Dallat
SDLP candidate John Dallat said the assembly election is an opportunity to 'grasp the chance for change'.

He said it must be about “replacing the existing failing structures with something new where financial scrutiny is the order of the day”.

The East Derry candidate said the “practice of government ministers posing with benefactors of grants who are tainted with the past and indeed believed widely to be linked to existing loyalist paramilitary groups” must stop.

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He said there “can be no return to DUP ministers giving away money every day as if it was Christmas while the Health Service is spiralling into deeper crisis and morale in the Education sector is at an all-time low.”

Referring to the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal, he said: “The SDLP will not go back to a system where people in power dole out money to favoured ones with no triple lock and a total lack of post legislative scrutiny.

“ The best way to address this is not to sit at home in disgust but turn anger into action and grasp the chance for change.”

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