Green diesel detections at multi-agency checkpoints

A '˜multi-agency' Garda-led checkpoint in several locations across Inishowen on Friday and Saturday resulted in the detection of marked mineral oil (green diesel) in six vehicles, the Revenue Commissioners has confirmed.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 12:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 8:24 am
A previous checkpoint in Inishowen

A spokesperson for the Revenue Commissioners confirmed that Revenue officers participated in the operation last week in Co. Donegal.

They were targeting non-compliance with Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) obligations and mineral oil fraud.

The areas covered were Killea, Bridgend, Muff, Burnfoot, Carndonagh, Redcastle and Burt.

The spokesperson confirmed that between November 29 to December 1, six mineral oil detections were made by Revenue officers and five vehicles were seized for marked mineral oil offences.

The ‘Journal’ asked if any vehicles had been seized for warnings issues for Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) offences but this was not referred to in the response from the Revenue Commissioners.

They outlined how marked gas oil (green diesel) attracts a low rate of excise duty and its use in ordinary road vehicles is illegal.

They continued: “Tackling shadow economy activity in all its forms, including any form of mineral oil fraud is a key priority in Revenue’s drive to maximise compliance and protect legitimate trade.

“Revenue policy is that all detections of the misuse of marked mineral oil are investigated with a view to prosecution. The maximum penalty on summary conviction for a first offence is €5,000.”

The spokesperson also outlined how VRT is chargeable on the registration of motor vehicles in the State.

They stated: “All motor vehicles in the State, other than those brought in temporarily by visitors, must be registered with Revenue.”

The spokesperson continued: “If your readers know someone is evading tax or excise they should report it to Revenue on the Confidential Freephone 1800 295 29.”