Gregory Campbell raises case of two RUC men killed three days before Bloody Sunday

Gregory Campbell.Gregory Campbell.
Gregory Campbell.
DUP MP Gregory Campbell, reacting to the PPS's decision to prosecute a British paratrooper for murder over his role in Bloody Sunday, today referred to the murder by the IRA of two RUC men in Derry three days earlier.

The East Derry MP, speaking in the British House of Commons, referred to the deaths of Sergeant Peter Gilgunn (26) and Constable David Montgomery (20) who were shot dead while driving up Creggan hill on Thursday, January 27.

"It is not my intention to intervene in any way on the legal process, but I was born and raised in the city, which I now represent in Parliament, and as a teenager I was there in the city centre on the day," he told MPs.

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"I watched the events that led up to that day, including the murder of two police officers in the vicinity of the parade just three days before that parade commenced. No prosecutions have ensued as a result of any investigation, either through the Saville inquiry or any other police investigation since," he continied.

"I seek your guidance, Mr Speaker, on what a parliamentarian like myself can do to draw attention, for example, to Peter Gilgun and David Montgomery, the police officers who were murdered, and to the massive imbalance in legacy investigations into our troubled past in Northern Ireland?

"Many innocent civilians, police and soldiers have not had their investigations carried out and no prosecutions have occurred, yet we have the announcement we are having today," said Mr. Campbell.