Heroin has a '˜foothold' in our community: Colr.

Drugs paraphernalia, including used syringes, burn pans and hypodermic needles, have been discovered by kids in Galliagh.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 12:00 pm
Councillor Warren Robinson with the drugs paraphernalia.

It’s understood young people found the items strewn across a grassed area at Fern Park.

Local councillor, Warren Robinson, who was contacted by concerned residents, has voiced alarm at the latest find.

He believes it is further evidence that heroin has a “strong foothold in the community”.

He said: “First and foremost, young people in Fern Park need to be praised for how they handled this situation. My understanding is that a group of them came across a number of discarded items whilst walking in the estate.”

“They immediately contacted older residents whilst keeping younger children away from the immediate area.”

It’s believed that some of the items, but not all, were removed from the scene.

Warren Robinson says he was subsequently handed a plastic box which contained further items. He says he has since passed these on to a local chemist to ensure they are properly disposed of.

Councillor Robinson says the latest find is not an isolated case.

“A number of months ago, I highlighted a case near Cornshell Fields where local walkers found syringes near the local country park and there have also been syringes discarded on parts of Skeoge Road.

“There is now no doubt that heroin has a strong foothold in our community.

“There are statutory, community and voluntary services operating which offer help to those wishing to rid themselves of drugs and their details are readily available. I would appeal to anyone finding themselves in a difficult situation to seek that help.”

“Discarding used syringes and other materials is not acceptable. This has caused serious concern within the estate among parents who obviously don’t want their children exposed to such dangers.”