Human excrement hurled at police in bizarre incident

'Foul play' is suspected after human excrement was hurled at police in a bizarre incident in the Derry City and Strabane District this afternoon.
Bizarre attack.Bizarre attack.
Bizarre attack.

Confirming the unusual attack on the force's official district social media feeds the PSNI stated: "You thought you had a s**t day!

"Spare a thought for LPT3 (Local Policing Team 3) who got actual human excrement thrown at them."

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Police said the incident occurred while they were on patrol in Creggan.

The missile made a mess of the side of one of the force's Land Rover patrol vehicles and officers were put at risk of E.coli in the attack but there were no injuries.

"I’m trying to think of what youth picked all that stuff up and threw it.

"What levels of hygiene does s/he aspire to?" asked a bewildered officer.