Inishowen to Florida for '˜Star Wars' event

An Inishowen Tourism staff member is set to attend a special celebration of Star Wars in Florida.

Tuesday, 4th April 2017, 9:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:26 pm

Marketing representative Denise Henry will travel to the US later this week, to attend the Star Wars Celebration Event in the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida.

Anticipation is building across the globe for the release of the latest installment of Star Wars this December, and Inishowen Tourism pulled out all the stops to be part of this event, which runs from April 13 to 16.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’, Tourism Development Officer Heidi Woods said: “As Tourism Development Officer I was delighted to receive via email that our bid was successful to be one of three partners to share the Tourism Ireland stand.

“We are able to take part as we can offer Star Wars-specific tours and holiday packages designed for Star Wars fans.

“Inishowen Tourism’s team representative is due to arrive in Florida on April 11, to work along with representatievs from Dingle to promote both locations.

“Denise herself is an avid Star Wars fan, so there was no better person to attend the event to promote Inishowen.

“She has worked with the manager and team to co-ordinate the trip and forged valuable links with the Emerald Garrison, a Star Wars costuming club in Ireland that brings together like minded people from all over the world who will also be in attendance.”

Heidi said Denise hopes to take advantage of every opportunity to promote Malin Head and Inishowen during her time at the event in Florida.

“All the latest news from the event will be fed back to the office and will be shared on our social media channels for those following the event at home.

“Mark Hamill will appear at the event in Florida, and Star Wars Director Rian Johnson will also appear on stage during a question and answer session.

“It is rumoured that the trailed for the upcoming Star Wars film the Last Jedi will be shown at the Star Wars Celebration Event, which will hopefully feature Malin Head,” said Heidi.

Speaking about her upcoming trip, Denise said: “To catch a glimpse of Malin Head in the trailer would be the ultimate experience – our home on the big screen.”