James Orr to give talk at latest St. Columb’s park eco event

St. Columb's Park House. LS18-136KM10
St. Columb's Park House. LS18-136KM10

Friends of the Earth director, James Orr, will be among the attendees at an afternoon of environmental discussions in St. Columb’s Park House next week.

Mr. Orr and Dean Blackwood of the River Faughan Anglers Ltd. will give a joint presentation on ‘Independent Environmental Protection for N. I.’ at the event on Saturday, May 19, between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Organiser Mary McGuigan explained: “We’re a group of people campaigning for clear air and water and the protection of our landscape for our health and well-being.”

Ms. McGuigan said more needs to be done in order to beef up and enforce planning rules and regulations in the North and is among those calling for the establishment of an ‘Independent Environmental Protection Agency’.

A range of discussions across a broad range of environmental subjects will take place at the event, she said.