Jeremy Corbyn backs calls for united Ireland referendum

British Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is backing calls for a referendum to be held on the re-unification of Ireland.

Thursday, 30th March 2017, 12:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:50 pm
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr. Corbyn said the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union created an “enormous complication” when attempting to address the issue of a border between the North and South of Ireland.

In an interview with BBC television presenter, Andrew Neil, Mr. Corbyn said it was imperative that the free movement of people between the North and South is not affected.

When asked if he thought the electorate should be allowed a vote on the re-unification of Ireland, Mr. Corbyn said:

“That’s up to the people of Northern Ireland to decide. If the Northern Ireland Assembly wants to have one then they should be allowed to.”

Mr Corbyn also said he was “not in favour” of a second Scottish referendum but Westminster should not block requests from the Scottish Parliament.

“I don’t think Westminster should block it but I think there should be a serious discussion about the timing of it because if they referendum occurs during the Brexit negotiations it becomes a bit complicated.

“I would say that it shouldn’t take place, if it takes place, until after the Brexit negotiations have been completed.”

Mr Corbyn backed British Prime Minister, Theresa May’s decision not to push for continued membership of the single market.