Joint tracking of sex offendersunlikely to be hit by Brexit

Ex-Derry police officer, Stephen Martin, does not believe the joint tracking of sex offenders by An Garda Síochána and the PSNI will be hindered by Brexit.

Saturday, 16th December 2017, 8:00 pm

The Assistant Chief Constable said Brexit would affect some aspects of cross-border police co-operation but not the surveillance of sex offenders. The forces currently work together under the Intergovernmental Agreement on Police Cooperation of 2002.

“We have an MOU with An Garda Síochána on intelligence sharing about sex offenders. We are in contact with An Garda Síochána several times a week, and they are in contact with us, sharing intelligence about sex offenders that we believe are moving from one jurisdiction to the other,” said ACC Martin.

He added: “That would not change if our interpretation of the 2002 bilateral agreement between the correct.”