Katie's Borneo trek to benefit charity

Katie, pictured dressed up for a recent fundraising drive.Katie, pictured dressed up for a recent fundraising drive.
Katie, pictured dressed up for a recent fundraising drive.
Katie Fitzpatrick freely admits she's scared of insects, but that isn't stopping her from camping in the jungle of Borneo next month for a charity close to her heart.

Katie, who owns and runs Little Stars Pre-school in Moville with her sister Aideen, will be trekking and camping in the jungle to raise funds for ‘Children in Crossfire,’ which she has supported for a long number of years.

The 35-year-old previously completed challenges in South America, Peru, Guatemala and Vietnam for ‘Children in Crossfire,’which helps the world’s most vulnerable children in poverty.

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This time, she will trek and camp in the jungle to raise money for early years education development in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

As a pre-school teacher, the development and education of children in their early years is something Katie is extremely passionate about.

She told the ‘Journal:’ “Having a pre-school, I know the value of those formative years and of giving children choices. It’s about giving them a foundation so that they can have hopes and expectations for their future.”

Katie needs to raise £3000 before she leaves for her trek on March 30th.

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For every five pound donation, a child can go to school and they’ll also receive a school meal for three months.

A £20 donation will provide provision for a whole year.

You can donate to Katie by logging on to www.justgiving.com and searching for Katie Fitzpatrick.

Katie said she has received strong support around the locality, where Little Stars Pre-school is going from strength to strength. The pre-school recently featured on the front of the pre-school Early Years education-focused Inspectors’ Report.

Katie said she and Aideen were delighted at this honour and she attended the launch of the report. She told how it “was great listening to the findings of how early years was run in Ireland.”

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Katie extended her deep thanks to all those who have supported her so far in her fundraising for Borneo, including Spar, Muff; Scoil Eoghain NS; and the families of Moville; Canavan Associates; Quayside Shopping Centre; Sandinos; Piecemakers; Zoo Creative; William Kelly; Holy Cross College; The Coffee Tree, who are displaying a sketched portrait of Prince to raffle and also add Derry/Strabane District Council for permission for flag days.