'˜Kinship Care' shop raises £5k in 5 months

Staff at the Derry based charity, Kinship Care, have thanked members of the public who have helped them raise £5,230.49 in the first five months of operating their charity shop on Spencer Road.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 9:00 am
Updated Friday, 15th April 2016, 9:08 am
Staff and volunteers pictured with Kuddles the Kinship Bear outside the charity's shop on Spencer Road.

Leona McMenamin, Kinship Care Service Manager said: “We are over the moon and the money raised goes straight to the children who need it most. We really want to thank people and appeal to everyone to keep donating so that the shop will continue to be successful.”

The charity supports children who are being cared for by relatives other than their parents.

“Our intention was never to start a social enterprise but business in the shop has been really steady. The shop also allows us to help families in crisis with practical donations.

Leona also revealed that one grandfather looking after a child had recently been reimbursed to the tune of almost £40,000 in unclaimed benefits, thanks to the help of Kinship Care staff members.

“For us that’s a real core part of what we do. People are giving children and young people a safe and loving environment and very often with no financial support at all. Now those grandparents will be getting the benefits they are entitled too moving forward and we’re just delighted about that.

“So many Kinship Carers don’t go looking for the help that they deserve and need and that’s exactly why Kinship Care is here,” said Leona.