'˜Lives being put at risk' says councillor

Lives are being put at risk by drivers who go against the one-way system on a Limavady street, a local councillor has claimed.

Friday, 1st July 2016, 12:00 pm
Colr. Alan Robinson.

DUP Alderman Alan Robinson hit out at motorists he claims are “continuing to abuse the one way traffic system at Massey Avenue” which he slammed as “a brazen disregard to the wishes and the welfare of the local residents”.

“In 2013 I had accompanied a delegation of Massey Avenue and Annadale residents to a meeting with the police to discuss a series of issues.

“Amongst the topics covered was the abuse of the one-way system where a number of drivers are driving via Protestant Street but, rather than following the road system through William Street, they are driving up Massey Avenue against the flow of traffic and, therefore, contravening the ‘No Entry’ signage.”

Colr. Robinson said after the discussions with police, he contacted Roads Service and requested they install a short-term traffic assessment counter “in order to verify the residents’ concerns”.

“The results from the traffic assessment in 2013 showed that, on average, 11 drivers per day were driving against the flow of traffic.

“The results clearly vindicated the residents who have been asking police to clamp down on such activity,” said Colr. Robinson.

“Those involved need to understand that their behaviour is putting at risk the lives of local residents whose natural instinct when crossing the road is to look in the direction of the legal flow of traffic,” he said.

“Those involved need apprehended to send out a signal that this behaviour is not only illegal, but is a brazen disregard to the wishes and the welfare of the local residents.”

Colr. Robinson said he has requested to meet with police and pledged to “continue to highlight the issue on behalf of local residents”.