Magee law graduate John Doherty to contest Foyle for Alliance

A fifth candidate has entered the General Election fray in Foyle after Magee law graduate John Doherty announced he would be contesting the seat on behalf of the Alliance Party.

Wednesday, 10th May 2017, 4:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th May 2017, 5:06 pm

Mr. Doherty was among 18 candidates confirmed by the party on Wednesday as runners in the contest next month.

The Alliance candidate is a manager at EuroXchanger Currency Services, a researcher at crowdfunding platforms CoFunder and SEEDUPS, and the editor of online news site Clear Cut News and Affairs.He has temporarily stood down from the latter role to contest the election.

The former St. Columb’s College pupil handed in his nomination papers on Tuesday, two days before Thursday’s closing deadline.

Mr. Doherty will be aiming to improve on the 835 votes received by party colleage David Hawthorne in 2015 and may be helped by the Ulster Unionist Party’s (UUP) decision not to run a candidate in Foyle this year.

Chris McCaw, who contested the 2016 Assembly Election in Foyle, and the 2017 Assembly Election in East Derry, meanwhile, has been named as Alliance’s Westminster candidate in East Derry.

Party leader Naomi Long said her team of candidates will bring a positive and progressive pro-European politics to the table in the face of Brexit.

“This election comes at a time when things look particularly bleak – the UK is being taken towards a hard Brexit by the Tories, while the Government is seemingly ignoring the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland, in league with some local MPs. Those actions threaten the way we live, learn, work and trade,” said Ms. Long.

“At Stormont the institutions are in danger and that is impacting directly upon public services, like health and education.

“This election is an opportunity to change the direction of our society, to make your voice heard and say enough is enough. For people to set a new course and turn away from the politics of division and towards a progressive, positive and pro-European politics, the type these Alliance candidates stand for.

“If people vote for Alliance candidates, they will not only get MPs who are rooted in their constituencies and have the skills, vision and desire to represent them at Westminster, but will send the clearest possible message that devolution must be restored urgently,” she said.