March of the 'Pear'-guins!

Anne Dillon's 'Pear'-guins!
Anne Dillon's 'Pear'-guins!

Well-known Derry granny, Anne Dillon, got more than she bargained for when she popped into Long’s Supervalu at Greenhaw - half a dozen six-for-a-pound pears that bore an uncanny resemblance to the cutest of antarctic inhabitants, the Adélie penguin...seriously!

Anne, promptly got them home, applied a few licks of paint, and hey presto.

Grandson Olly was delighted.

“He’s fascinated by them. He wanted a photo to be taken into school,” said Anne.

“Look at the shape of them. If you tried to do it, you couldn’t do it.

“You go up to Supervalu to get bargains but who would ever think you’d get a pile of penguins!”