'˜NI and RoI areboth failed states'

Eamonn McCann has described both the North and South as 'failed states' prescribing a '˜Socialist Ireland' as a way of rebuilding the country.

The former People Before Profit MLA, addressing a rally in the Playhouse on Tuesday, said: “Politics these days are very uncertain. The constitutional question, the issue of the border, has been brought forward once again. We will bring forward a distinct socialist position to this debate.”

He was joined by West Belfast PBP MLA Gerry Carroll and South-Central Dublin PBP TD Brid Smith, who outlined the party’s perspectives amidst the ongoing deadlock at Stormont and the triggering of Article 50 by Theresa May.

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Mr. McCann said: “We have two failed, dysfunctional and utterly corrupt states on either side of the border. Both of them have failed the vast majority of people.

“Class is the thing most people here and in the South have in common. The only solution to our common problems is a Socialist Ireland. This is very different position from what you hear from the parties of Nationalism and Unionism.”

Mr. Carroll said: “People Before Profit had its own unique position in the EU referendum. We supported leaving the EU on the basis of our internationalist principles, because of the way that it had copper fastened austerity, including the devastating imposition of austerity in the South of Ireland, the way that the EU has inflamed racist hatred, and it’s disgusting treatment of refugees. That position had nothing to do with the kind of leave argument made by Farage.

“No more than the vote to remain taken by a lot of progressives had anything to do with the remain vote advocated by Theresa May.”

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