Nobody cares

Inishowen councillors are set to put forward a motion to Donegal County Council to push for a redress scheme for homeowners affected by the issue of defective blocks.

Friday, 30th June 2017, 10:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:25 am
The packed room for the Defective Blocks Information Evening held in An Grianan Hotel by the Mica Action Group. DER2517-139KM

Over 300 people packed into An Grianan Hotel on Wednesday evening and the feeling of anger and frustration in the room was palpable.

The information evening was organised by the Mica Action Group (MAG) and members presented the findings of the report into defective blocks to the attendance, before outlining the steps the group now hopes to take.

Engineer, Mr. Damien McKay, said the key take home point was that defective blocks were “something that has happened through no fault of your own.”

Homeowners from across Donegal expressed their fears and anger at the current situation, but the main issue raised was that of a redress scheme.

One homeowner said her house, which has been identified as having blocks which are 60% mica and 30% pyrite is “getting worse by the week.”

She said she has no choice but to take action now as the house “is going to fall at some stage.

“We have nowhere to go, nobody to turn to and nobody to help us. Nobody cares,” she said.

Those gathered, agreed that more had to be done to push the issue forward and when asked what they would want from a redress scheme, Ms. Eileen Doherty from MAG said: “I want the home I paid for.”

Another homeowner said they simply wanted to be able to insure their homes, while another said he would only be satisified if his home was demolished and rebuilt.

Ms. Doherty proposed that the Inishowen councillors put forward a cross-party motion to the council to show the cross-party support for a redress scheme for homeowners.

“We need every possible way of putting pressure on the government,” she said.

Colr. Martin Farren said the nine Inishowen councillors would “put on the county jersey,” show cross-party support and take the issue to the next full meeting of Donegal County Council in Lifford.