Ornaments smashed and teddies ripped as graves vandalised in Derry

A numbers of graves in Derry's city cemetery have been attacked in a night of 'shameless vandalism.'

Monday, 18th April 2016, 10:58 am
Updated Monday, 18th April 2016, 12:55 pm

Sinn Fein candidate for the upcoming election Maeve McLaughlin said she was shocked to visit the cemetery this morning to find ornaments smashed and teddies that were placed on a child’s grave ripped apart.

“It is shocking that there could be so little respect,” she said.

“This is a place were people are grieving, and dealing with their loss.”

The Derry politician said that a number of ornaments on graves were smashed and teddies ripped, as we all a cross overturned.

“I spoke to council workers on the site who said that they had never seen anything like this,” she said.

“One woman who found broken ornaments on her loved ones was very upset. To see the broken ornaments just leaves you speechless.”

SDLP Derry Councillor Brian Tierney has condemned the “senseless and disgusting vandalism.”

Chair of the Environment and Regeneration Committee on Derry and Strabane District Council, Mr Tierney said:

“I was absolutely appalled to see the scenes of reckless vandalism at the City Cemetery this morning after a night of destruction.

“This is a place where people come to pay solemn and personal respect to loved ones in peace. To see it in this state must have been deeply upsetting for those coming to visit family memorials today.

“Graveside ornaments have been smashed and teddy bears ripped apart. How would those behind this wanton destruction feel if it was their mother or their grandmother coming to a graveside this morning to find their tributes to friends and family ruined?

“I’ll be working with council officers to ensure that these sites are protected from this callous vandalism. And I would encourage anyone with any information about the sick attack to contact the police.”