Blazin' Squad playing at Derry Féile in August 2003.Blazin' Squad playing at Derry Féile in August 2003.
Blazin' Squad playing at Derry Féile in August 2003.

13 Pictures of The Blazin' Squad performing at Gasyard Féile 2003

Hundreds of screeming teenagers camped outside Da Vinci’s Hotel in August 2003 as heartthrobs Blazin’ Squad came to town for Féile.

Teenage fans set up camp outside the hotel on Monday morning in the hopes of meeting the band, who had just reached number one in the charts with their hit song ‘Crossroads’.

In the ‘Journal’ at the time, Féile promoter Joe Gallagher said: “The girls were going crazy, screaming, throwing underwear, the whole nine yards. It seems that people had come from all over the town to wait outside the hotel and the atmosphere was great.

"But that said, obviously both the staff of the hotel and the men from Blazin’ Squad became concerned for the safety of all outside as the numbers swelled.”

The management was said to have tried to disperse the crowds several times but they returned eventually. The police had to be called just after midnight to control the fans.

Mr Gallagher continued: “Negotiations then took place between the police, management and the band and the boys agreed to come out and talk to the girls on the understanding that they would then go home.

"Of course, where there is a will, there is a way and some of the girls did return again. We heard they were still gathering at 8am the following morning.”It was all good fun and light hearted. It was like Beatlemania hitting Derry, which just goes to show that young people are starved of this kind of entertainment.

"The boys from Blazin’ Squad were amazed at the response. They said that when in England, they usually get 30 or 40 fans waiting outside hotels, they just could not believe the numbers that waited for them in Derry.”

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