As it unfolds... Civil Rights, The Troubles, Bloody Sunday and Peace Process in Derry at Illuminate Festival

The history of the Troublesin Derry and the contribution of political giants John Hume and Martin McGuinness towards peace feature prominently in Derry’s new Illuminate Festival.

The city’s history from 1920 into the present era, including Partition, gerrymandering, Civil Rights, the University campaign, Bloody Sunday, the Peace Process and the Saville Tribunal all feature in a narrated visual outdoor reel projected onto Echo Echo’s building at lower Magazine Street in the city centre.

The video also charts the resilience of the people of the city in the face of adversity and its trailblazing role in Parades resolution.

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The installation is one of several across the city charting the history of Derry from its foundations in the time of St Columba and the Viking Age through to the Plantation and the City Walls and on to modern times. Key figures from the city’s history also feature throughout the various locations.

The Saville Inquiry as featured at Illuminate.
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