Children in Crossfire founder Richard Moore to unveil 'A Wall for All: Free Derry Corner in Braille'

Children in Crossfire founder, Richard Moore, has said it is a ‘privilege’ to unveil ‘A Wall for All,’ the Free Derry Corner slogan in Braille, as part of the 2023 commemoration of Bloody Sunday.

The Derry man, who was just 10-years-old when he was blinded by a rubber bullet and whose uncle, Gerard McKinney, was murdered on Bloody Sunday, told the Journal it is also an honour to represent people with disabilities.

The Bloody Sunday Trust has, this year, put a special emphasis on disability rights.

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Tony Doherty, Chairperson of the Bloody Sunday Trust said: “It is a shared fight, the fight for the truth and justice that everyone deserves. One cause, one goal. One World, One Struggle.”

Richard Moore.

Richard spoke of his admiration for the Bloody Sunday families and said he is also proud to be able to represent the McKinney family.

"John Kelly rang me and said they wanted to unveil a plaque in Braille and asked if I would be involved. I was delighted, for a number of reasons. One, is that the Bloody Sunday families are people I have always admired throughout my life, because of their strength, resilience and dignity. Like all of us, I was in the Guildhall when Saville announced the outcome and it was a very proud moment. You’re always very proud of the families and in my view, they are superstars.

“Also, obviously, my uncle Gerard was shot dead on Bloody Sunday and for that reason also, it is a privilege for me to be asked and to be associated with it. Free Derry Corner also represents so much too, and the wall has turned into being a beacon for many causes over the years, And again, it’s typical of the Bloody Sunday families, that they are using that dreadful, traumatic experience and turning it into something positive and thinking of others. I’m also delighted for my aunt, Ita, the McKinney family, my mammy and also for the families, who I’ve admired for such a long time.”

Richard outlined how the focus on disability rights is also highlighting a conversation that needs to be heard.

Derry's Richard Moore is the founder of Children in Crossfire.

"It’s great for me to represent disabled and visually impaired people, generally. It’s good that people are talking about it and that’s very important, because maybe, people are asking questions about what it’s like to be disabled, how disabled people live their lives in many ways and the challenges they face.”

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He added how the conversation around those left with injuries and disabilities during the Troubles needs to be opened up further.

“A lot of people have been disabled because of the conflict and I think, I suppose they are dealing with not only their disability, but also the traumatic way in which the situation has come about. I think it’s a very important conversation and it’s important that, in whatever way Ireland or Northern Ireland develops, that those people and their families are part of that discussion.”

Richard Moore will unveil ‘A Wall for All: Free Derry Corner in Braille’ at Free Derry Corner today, Tuesday, January 24 at 12.30pm.