Derry business ‘gives back’ with giveaway to care sector workers

The giveaway set up outside A&E Car Wash and Valeting Services.The giveaway set up outside A&E Car Wash and Valeting Services.
The giveaway set up outside A&E Car Wash and Valeting Services.
A Derry business, whose ethos is ‘giving back’ recently set up a free giveaway for all those working in the care sector.

Sitting behind the village Inn in Rosemount and well known to the whole of Derry sits A&E Car Wash and Valeting Services who have proudly and professionally been in business for the past 12 years. In that time the local owner Aaron Coleman has grown slow and steady and taken the one site, expanded and now has no less than three sites situated around the City as well as a mobile valeting service where they ‘will come to you, any time any place’.

Perhaps less known about this small business is the ethos of charity and ‘giving back’ which is at it’s core and which has seen them make the news on more than one occasion throughout the years.

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From hiring those down on their luck and living on the streets, to running events where all the profits go to local groups and charities, to even offering discounted and sometimes free services to the elderly and local community workers it seems that this small business is becoming famous for much more that car washing and valeting.

Aaron and Nadine.Aaron and Nadine.
Aaron and Nadine.

The most recent of Aaron’s charitable enterprise took off this week when his partner, local business woman Nadine Hamilton of Mane & Waves (on Waterloo Street), saw a post on social media from a young local nurse complaining about having to pay for cleaning equipment for herself and her car after finishing a shift to return to her home family

‘When I read the story I knew that Aaron’s business could help and so we decided that we had to do something, knowing personally from my own business that everyone is getting it tough at the moment and it’s not fair that these poor nurses who have to work long hours, in probably the most dangerous place imaginable at the moment due to the corona virus have to go into their own pockets and pay for cleaning and even safety items, it just seemed unfair, so that’s when we got the plan’

Aaron and Nadine got on the phone and thanks to to their own financial and supply input they began making calls to friends and other local business owners to help out, and help out they did, they raised money to purchase additional supplies, had other items donated and with help from staff and other volunteers set up the free giveaway for all those working in the care sector.

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It’s just one less thing to worry about after coming off a long, hard shift a local nurse added whilst picking up her free pack of seat covers, gloves and anti bacterial spray for herself and her car.

No doubt about it when communities need help it often is the local people and businesses who band together and take action, and isn’t that what community spirit is all about and a great example being set by these two young entrepreneurs.

Aaron and Nadine would like to thank the following people for their input and have said they are sorry if they have left anyone out as they haven’t had time to think they have been so busy organizing. Thanks to Darryl Mc Dermott from Aqua Bathroom and Tiles, Shay MC Daid, Clean Custom, Liquid Creations ltd, Paul Mc Clelland and Northwest Motors.

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