DERRY JOURNAL Editorial: The incredible feat of the men of Steel’

What an incredible achievement for Brian Og’s, what an achievement for GAA in the city and what a weekend for Derry.

The invincible men of Steel’ delivered yet again and this time on the national stage, creating a much needed boost and euphoric scenes on the pitch and in the stands just when it was needed most.

Whether pitchside at Croke Park or watching the impressive performance at home, you couldn’t help but get swept along on the wave of euphoria as players and fans erupted with the final whistle at the Intermediate Championship in Dublin on Sunday.

The victory over Meath champions, Trim, caps what has been an incredible run under manager Hugh McGrath and captain Neil Forester, with the championship title coming hot on the heels of their victory over Greenlough to lift the Derry title, followed by the win against Moorstown to lift the Ulster title.

Brian Og’s team manager Hugh McGrath and captain Neil Forester lead the Derry, Ulster and All Ireland Intermediate Football Champions homecoming at Steelstown on Monday evening. Photo: George Sweeney. DER2206GS – 067

And none of it has happened by accident.

Sheer hard work, determination, nurturing of talent and self-belief have been at the heart of the Ballyarnett club and you only have to see the droves of young people heading for practice there on a regular basis to see what the club means to its community and to the city.

As well as a success story in its own right, Brian Og’s epic journey is also symptomatic of the revival of Gaelic Games in the city itself in the modern era.

Furthermore, the players and their young protegés are proving not just heroes to those cheering them on from the sidelines, but they are first class role models for the children, young people and clubs of this city and beyond, and this incredible victory is a lesson to all that if you work hard enough, if you believe in your own worth and keep focus, then the sky is the limit.

To the players, management and fans who have been there every step of that journey, you have done your club, the late young Brian Og and his family, and the city of Derry proud.

Steelstown Abú!