Hospital visiting restrictions in Derry and across Trust maintained

The Western Trust has said will continue with restricting visiting to hospital sites to one visit, for one hour per day per patient.

By Brendan McDaid
Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, 2:29 pm

Exceptions will also continue to apply in some areas, the Trust said, with the measures to be reviewed again on Monday, March 7, 2022.

An update is expected toll follow after this as the Trust plan to implement “a phased return to full visiting arrangements” across all health care facilities in the months ahead.

The Trust said that COVID-19 transmission rates remain very high, and staff absences due to Covid-19 and other sickness together with a sustained number of Covid-19 patients and Covid-19 outbreaks in our hospitals “must continue to be managed”.

Altnagelvin Hospital.

Medical Director, Dr Catherine McDonnell said: “It is really important to continue to be cautious in our health and social care settings. There is still over 400 patients in hospitals across the region suffering from COVID-19, a number of which have contracted the virus within the healthcare facility. We need to be diligent and vigilant in regards to continuing with Infection, Prevention and Control practices to keep staff safe, patients safe and to protect our services. We will also continue to wear masks and socially distance in our facilities. I look forward to more hopeful times. I ask for your patience and caution in the weeks and months ahead to ensure that we keep you safe, your colleagues safe and our patients safe.”

The Trust said it strongly recommends that anyone attending any of our facilities to visit a loved one, to take a lateral flow test immediately prior to attending and said that all infection and prevention control measures must be adhered to when visiting and this includes wearing a facemask properly which covers your nose and mouth at all times, in addition to proper hand washing and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

At present one of two nominated persons is permitted to visit for one hour, once per day.

There will also continue to be exceptional circumstances in respect of visiting guidance to the North West Cancer Centre, attending outpatient appointments, maternity scans, neonatal and visiting patients in end of life care. For further information, please refer to the Trust website.

People are also being encouraged to keep in contact with your loved ones via Virtual Visiting arrangements. You can continue to arrange a ‘virtual visit’ with your relative or friend on a smartphone or tablet. Staff can help with setting this up for patients and their loved ones.