It's official - work has started on Derry Girls the movie

Derry Girls creator, Lisa McGee, has confirmed talks to determine the details of a Derry Girls movie have begun.

Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 11:08 am

McGee recently revealed a Derry Girls feature film is something she would like "explore" in an interview with Red Carpet News TV.

Reading between the lines of what McGee had to say, it would appear that a Derry Girls movie is not a matter of it but rather when.

"It's definitely something we are talking about and it's something I would like to explore," said Derry born writer, Lisa McGee.

"It's just about making sure the story is right so it's about me figuring all of that out at some point," she added.

McGee also gave a few hints of what fans should expect in the third series of award winning Channel 4 comedy series.

"There's definitely a very personal journey that they [main characters in Derry Girls] go on, as well as a political one,” she said.

“It's an exciting time for them as they're just on the cusp of adulthood.”

McGee continued: "There's lots of new guest characters, as always.

"In every episode, we have a new big guest star come in..

"That's really exciting, writing those.

"That has been good craic, looking forward to shooting all of that."

Derry Girls series three is likely to appear on screens before the end of 2020.

Channel 4 is yet to confirm an exact date for when Derry Girls series three will air but it's highly likely that it will appear on television screens before the end of 2020.