Jeremy Corbyn urges everyone to attend Derry Against Fuel Poverty rally

Jeremy Corbyn has urged people in Derry to attend a cost of living rally on Saturday, October 1.

The rally is organised by Derry Against Fuel Poverty, a grassroots anti-poverty campaign set up in January 2022 to mobilise working class people in the face of ever rising household bills.

In a video supporting the rally, Corbyn said: “Derry Against Fuel Poverty, on Saturday, are leading the march from the train station to a rally outside the Guildhall. It’s part of actions that are taking place all over the place next weekend to show this government’s gift of billions to the very wealthiest in our society and the very biggest corporations in our society whist threatening to cut the benefits of people on universal credit. We know which side we’re on. We know who’s making money out of this and we know we’re not having it. That’s why we’re taking action against fuel poverty and, indeed, all the other forms of poverty that have become so common.”

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Derry Against Fuel Poverty Spokesperson Sinead Quinn said: “We are absolutely delighted to have veteran campaigner Jeremy Corbyn lending his voice to encourage people to attend our march and rally here in the city, Saturday, 1st October. Jeremy, a life-long political activist, is always found on the side of the people, the poor, the working class, both in work and out of work. He has consistently used his voice to amplify the struggle of the working class for decades and his endorsement has given us a much needed boost right now at a time when the political situation couldn’t be much more dire.

Jeremy Corbyn urges everyone in Derry to attend cost of living rally on Saturday, October 1.

“In the face of the most brutal attack on the living standards of the working class by the British government in conjunction with the absence of a functioning Stormont Executive, we need a broad swathe of activists, campaigners, community workers, trade unionists and civic society generally to unite under one banner. ‘Enough is Enough’ is a current example of this being done in Britain right now and the obvious example for us here in this city is the collective formed during the Civil Rights Movement in the late sixties. Derry Against Fuel Poverty will do everything they can to facilitate that broad coalition coming together because our peoples’ lives depend on it.”

People are asked to gather at the Train Station in Duke Street at 2pm to march to Guildhall Square in the city centre for a rally on Saturday, October 1. More information can be found on Facebook by searching Derry Against Fuel Poverty and on twitter @derryantipov.