Kind Derry woman sets up fundraiser for ‘inspirational’ young mum diagnosed with cancer

A Derry woman has set up a fundraiser for an ‘inspirational’ Tyrone mother who has been diagnosed with cancer.

By Laura Glenn
Sunday, 21st November 2021, 5:18 pm
Jemma McGowan and her family.
Jemma McGowan and her family.

Cesca McDowell did not know Jemma McGowan until she started following her on Instagram, where the Omagh woman documents her day-to-day life and journey following her diagnosis of Advanced Stage 4 Incurable Ovarian Cancer.

Jemma is only in her late 20s and has three young children under the age of five - Sadie, Louis and Betty, who is less than a year old.

Jemma, who is married to Clive, has been asked to take part in a phase one trial in Manchester, which she hopes will not only help her but also other women in the future.

Cesca McDowell

As Jemma will have to regularly travel to and from Manchester and find accommodation etc, the cost will add up and this is where Cesca stepped in.

She has set up a Go Fund Me page to help fund any costs Jemma might encounter as she goes through the trial.

Speaking to the Journal, Cesca is full of praise for Jemma, whose bravery and positivity she describes as ‘inspirational.’

“I didn’t know Jemma at all until I started following her on Instagram (@jemhow). She’s just brilliant. So open and lovely and she’s really helping other people, too. I chat to her sometimes through Instagram and just really took to her.

“I lost my mammy to cancer three weeks ago and I think I feel connected to Jemma, in a way, as I would have been back and forth to the hospital with mammy and saw what she went through. I also look at Jemma’s three beautiful children and want to help in any way I can.”

Cesca is delighted with the support for the fundraiser so far and told how ‘every pound counts.’

“The money will be going towards the cost of travel, eating and accommodation and I know Jemma is grateful to everyone too for their support.”

Jemma herself has spoken on Instagram of her gratitude to Cesca and all who donated and told how she is ‘going nowhere’ as her ‘babies need her.’