Martin McGuinness memorial fishing event to take place in August

The Martin McGuinness memorial fly fishing competition will take place on August 14.

Martin McGuinness was a keen angler.
Martin McGuinness was a keen angler.

A spokesperson for the Martin McGuinness Peace Foundation said: “The annual competition, jointly hosted by the Foundation and the Buncrana Anglers Association, is a very appropriate way to remember Martin.

“Martin’s love of angling was well known and, whenever he managed to find a bit of spare time, he would take the opportunity to do a bit of fishing. Such times allowed him not just peace and quiet away from his hectic political

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duties but also provided him with a bit of space to reflect and recharge.”

The competition will take place at the Fullerton Reservoir, just outside Buncrana. Those interested in taking part should contact Sean McCrystal on 07840269464.