Mica Action Group frustrated by further delays to MICA redress scheme

The Mica Action Group (MAG) have voiced their frustration at yet further delays to the rollout of the Mica redress scheme in County Donegal.

Friday, 28th June 2019, 11:26 am

Ann Owens Chairperson on the Mica Action Group said: “After the initial elation felt when the scheme was approved at Cabinet level in May, we find ourselves once again in a position where the powers that be are dragging their heels and no evidence of any progress in the rolling out of this scheme is being illustrated.

“Responsibility for the roll out of the mica scheme has been delegated to Donegal County Council (DCC) and we were given an assurance by Minister Joe McHugh in May that MAG would be invited to work with stakeholders from DCC to ensure that the needs of affected homeowners were taken into account due to our first-hand experience with those in the most urgent need.

“However, since then, although we have continued to engage with Senior Politicians and Civil Servants both locally and nationally on this issue, we have been given little assurance that things have moved forward or that any real progress has been made since the announcement.

“It is important to note that earlier in the year, in advance of Cabinet approval we continually asked for assurances from Donegal County Council that they would not delay the rollout of the scheme any further following Cabinet approval. We asked that they started preparations earlier in the year to avoid this happening and we were assured that they were ready to go as soon as it was necessary.

“If this was the case why are we not seeing some evidence of real progress? We need to see the fine details of the mica scheme published immediately and we need instructions for how homeowners can apply to get their homes fixed. We cannot accept further delays.

“We would ask, if there really is a more pressing issue that needs to be addressed by Donegal County Council at the moment than this when Councillors, during the election campaign reported this to be the number one concern on the doorsteps.

“We need to see every effort being made to prioritise the mica scheme without any further delay and we ask that DCC at the very least, confirm when the scheme will be rolled out and applications will be accepted.

“We really don’t think this is too much to ask.”