IN PICTURES: 22 weird and wonderful things Derry people have asked Pat Ramsey to find or share

If there is one person in Derry who is most likely to find lost items it's former SDLP MLA, Pat Ramsey.

Monday, 10th June 2019, 6:16 pm
Updated Monday, 10th June 2019, 7:16 pm
Pat Ramsey.

We caught up with Pat this week and asked him to tell us about some of the most touching stories and weird items he has been asked to help out with - enjoy!

One woman asked Pat to find out which chapel Johnny McDaid and Courtney Cox were to be wed in so that she could gatecrash the celebrations and hopefully catch a glimpse of rumoured guest, Ed Sheeran.
Not once but twice... Useless to anyone else except their rightful owner and if lost you can't consume a sausage roll bap or a cream horn without them.
People have contacted Pat in the past asking them to publish a post detailing their field of expertise in the hope that he or she might find employment.
A very, very common request but thankfully countless children have been reunited with their beloved cuddly toys because of appeals put out over Facebook by, Pat.
A person with a sick relative who needed a bone marrow donor asked Pat to put out a public appeal on Facebook.
Not a pair of shoes but one lady's shoe - must have been a really special pair!
Parents from all over Derry and further afield have contacted Pat in their hour of need such are the enormous social media reach of Pat's public notice appeals.
It's no laughing matter if your beloved dog goes missing you will literally do anything to find him or her. Again, this is a very popular request put to Pat on a weekly basis.
Pat managed to pull off a cracking result last year when he reunited one man with 3,000 in cash he lost in Derry.
A local couple contacted Pat after the bride-to-be lost her engagement ring. The initial appeal was fruitless but remarkably the ring was found 14 months later and returned to the couple.
Let's face it, most of us have lost it at some stage and many Derry men and women go straight to Pat when they can't locate their own.
T-shirts, jeans, coats, hats, scarves etc. You name any item of clothing and you can almost guarantee Pat has been asked to find it.
There have been several times in the not too distant past that new and existing businesses in Derry have taken advantage of Pat's remarkable social media following by advertising job vacancies.
Every now and then Pat is asked to share a positive story about something that happened in Derry. The most recent one was about a fantastic young carer helping an older lady with her shopping in a supermarket.
People from all walks of life in Derry have set out to raise money to pay for potentially life saving medical treatment unavailable on the N.H.S. Countless peopl have asked Pat to share their fundraising pages.
Sometimes people lose tickets and other times they are looking for tickets to a sold out concert. There are currently two tickets to Bon Jovi in Dublin on June 15 for sale on Pat's page.
An obvious joke but one woman recently contacted Pat to ask if he could change water into wine as she was a little strapped for cash.
Recently Pat was asked to help track down pupils who went to St. Columb's College in 1989. The lads all met up in Derry recently before paying a visit to their old school and it wouldn't have possible without Pat.
One woman recently contacted Pat after she found this sports day medal in the Galliagh Chippy.
Recently, a woman with very little money was having problems with her gas burner. The woman couldn't afford to pay anyone there and then and asked Pat to find someone who might be able to help.
A woman from Derry had a bad fall recently and two complete strangers came to her rescue and took her to Altnagelvin Hospital. The woman wanted to thank the strangers and asked Pat to share her story.
They can sometimes cost very little to buy but in terms of sentimental value they are often priceless hence the reason why people will go to Pat Ramsey in a bid to find their precious prayer aid.