Special Covid vaccination status sought for Donegal

A Donegal councillor has said the county and all those around the border should be given ‘special status’ for Covid 19 vaccination.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 12:04 pm

Inishowen-based county councillor Nicholas Crossan made the call as the South’s vaccination rollout lags behind that in the North.

While Northern Ireland is currently vaccinating people over 50 years old, the South is now only vaccinating over 75s and those with underlying health conditions that puts them at an increased risk of death if they contract the virus.

Colr. Crossan, who lives in Buncrana, said the close relationship between Donegal and Derry should be recognised and Donegal given ‘special status’ to ensure those living there would be prioritised for vaccination, in line with the North.

Councillor Nicholas Crossan pictured previously. DER2117GS023

“Buncrana is a hinterland of Derry and we’re all very connected. People from Donegal regularly travel into Derry and Derry people travel out here. During the summer the beaches around Buncrana and the rest of Inishowen are packed out with Derry cars. They are always very welcome here and it gives us a great boost in relation to tourism and the economy. But, they’re well ahead of us with vaccinations. The majority will be vaccinated this summer while a lot of people in Donegal - and other counties around the border - will not. You don’t have the same issue in counties such as Galway or Dublin. We need to be looking for special status here for vaccinations, due to the fact we’re so close to the border.”

One the most recent delays in the south came after it temporarily suspended the roll out of the AstraZeneca vaccine.