Watch the hilarious moment a Derry bar man dramatically saves the day

Owner of the Abercorn Bar Daniel McCallion was caught on camera this week dramatically stopping some runaway kegs.

‘SuperDan’ has he has been affectionately named, was caught on the Abercorn Bar’s CCTV sprinting out of the building and running down Bennett Street after two kegs, which were blown over with the wind. Daniel’s arms are flailing before he falls forward, hitting the ground hard but catching one keg with his hand before wrapping his legs around the second.

The video was posted on the Abercorn Bar’s Facebook page, where commenters joked that the video was a ‘barrel of laughs’, while others said that Daniel deserves free pints for life. Some recognised how serious it could have been if Daniel hadn’t have been so speedy and the kegs rolled down to the busy Foyle Road.

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Speaking after the ordeal, Daniel said: “We leave the kegs outside so they can be lifted when the deliveries come but a big gust of wind took these ones. I heard the kegs falling and knew it was too early for the lorry so I ran out quick. I knew that they could hit someone or something rolling down Bennett Street so I had to stop them. It’s a very steep street so they were flying down and I didn’t think I was going to get them. With Foyle Road at the bottom of the street, I was feared they could hit and kill someone. I was worried it was going to hit a car and either do damage or make the driver swerve. I got a few wee scrapes and things but I’m alright.

Daniel 'SuperDan' McCallion, who prevented a serious injury by catching two runaway kegs outside the Abercorn Bar.

"I do a bit of cycling so I would be fit enough but it was a shock to get them. I’ve had a few falls with the cycling and they all slag me about falling off the bikes so they’re all slagging me off now in the bar for this fall. Somebody here put the CCTV clips together and I said to put it up on Facebook for a laugh. Some of the comments on there have been brilliant too. People need something to laugh at now so I just hope people enjoy it!”

Ferry Clever, a Derry card shop, had a Christmas card of ‘SuperDan’ prepared just hours after the video first appeared.

'SuperDan' stopped a potential catastrophe by dramatically stopping two runaway kegs from reaching the main Foyle Road. Ferry Clever made a card just hours after the ordeal.
CCTV footage shows 'SuperDan' Daniel McCallion running after escaped kegs.